Ultimate Website Check (part 1, Basics & Infrastructure)


Whether you have a highly sophisticated, complex eCommerce website or a simple blog, there are a few things that just have to be done right…

The Basics

Lets look at the basics first; don’t even think about launching a site without having the following covered:



Regularly check your site infrastructure:

  • Make sure your content and page titles are unique (no duplicates). Include your keywords in both title and page content.
  • Validate HTML and eliminate code validaytionerrors. The tool lists errors and warnings that will help you to fix your code. Clean HTML ensures that the bots can successfully crawl your site. Note that the HTML5 validation tool is still in experimental stage. That is the reason why it shows a warning on the mmdbiz.com site when there should be none…
  • Validate your CSS files at http://csslint.net/. Note that bots do crawl CSS files. So valid CSS file will not only display your content correctly but also help SEO.
  • Check your JavaScript; there are numerous online tools available that will check your code. Again, bots do crawl JavaScript files and they should be clean.
  • index_statusMake sure your pages are all indexed by using Webmaster Tools
  • Check for 404 errors with the Google Crawl Errors report in the Webmaster Tools.
  • Check your site speed and address all recommendations.

Ultimate Website Check (part 2, Speed)…

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